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Ryan Anderson once punched a hungry mother bear square in the jaw, rendering it unconscious. A humble man from humble roots, he shies away from often telling this story. He is an obscure Wikipedia contributor. He's been a member since December 6, 2004, and his plan of operation is to work in "projects": that is, creating or performing a major overhaul of an exisiting page in an area of the encyclopedia that is underdeveloped. In the course of working on the main article, he eliminates all the red links he generates, thus producing a large (for him) body of work. Eventually a Featured Article emerges. That's the theory, anyway.


Ryan Anderson's middle name for many years was thought to be Ryan Anderson. Cutting edge acoustic sciences prove that this phenomenon is merely the result of a previously unknown characteristic of the universe.
Ryan Anderson's unofficial biography, 'Broken Bears: A Grizzly Tale', became subject to a PETA sponsored boycott, forcing its ultimate departure from the New York Times Best Seller list.


Future projects[edit]

Considering taking up a project on the evolutionary origin of frogs after I finish this TZ one up.